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You are on the cusp to train with only the best fitness professionals in your city. Since everyone has different goals, it is at the utmost importance to make sure that your profile best describes what you want from us as your Fitness Professionals. Whether it's "washboard" abs or the rehabilitation of an ankle*; we can help you become a better you.

*Train with G.Q. provides Fitness Consulting and not General Medical Professional Consulting, if that is what is being sought then the management team of Train with G.Q. would recommend consulting with a Primary Care Physician or a Physical Therapist.

**The Fitness Professionals at Train with G.Q  are not PCPs or PTs unless stated otherwise.

Train with G.q.
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July 2021

Anthony "Tony" Acciari, has more than 8 years of experience as a Fitness Professional within the Health & Wellness Industry. He specializes in weight-loss, sports conditioning, and muscle building. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science. He also holds a Personal Training Certification from International Fitness Association (IFA).

Remember, only the best qualify as a Great Quality Trainer. 

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Anthony Acciari


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*This Fitness Professional is capable of providing Health & Wellness services in-person or online. 

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meet THE Team Leader

Gabriel r.d. Ruiz

Gabriel, "Gabe",  born and raised in Chicago, IL has nearly a decade of experience within the Fitness Industry. While he is currently Full-Time employed by one the largest banks in the country, he is also the acting team leader and manager of Train with G.Q. He is the primary contact for all business matters related to Train with G.Q

Contact If you have any questions about our programs, our trainers, our personal chefs and/or general questions related to our Health & Wellness services. 

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Text or Call: (312) 995-2922

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